Monday, June 17, 2013

Oops. The Inclusion Club Webinar archives are... not inclusive?

I subscribe to an email list /e-zine published by an Australian organization called "The Inclusion Club." They focus on inclusion in sports and have some excellent information.

They recently launched a "Webinar" service. What a great idea to bring this key topic, inclusion, to the world!

Oops. Guess what?

They forgot, it seems, to make the webinars... inclusive. So far, I have only attempted their archived webinars, but it doesn't look good...

Yes, they are posted on YouTube, and all the deaf/ Hard of Hearing folks out there just KNOW how accurate the "auto caption" feature on YouTube is! (sarcasm)

So... step one:

I sent an email to the contact person at The Inclusion Club, seeking information on this issue. I asked, specifically, if a downloadable transcript might be available. That's not as good as being able to view the video recording along with every hearing person... but it is certainly better than trying to decode the YouTube auto captions.

Of course, the REAL question is... are the actual interactive WEBINARS inclusive? Do they include people who cannot listen to the discussion? Do they offer live captioning on request? Do they provide a way for listeners to join in a discussion if they do not use audio on a phone?

Stay tuned. Let's see what they say at The Inclusion Club....

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