Friday, March 23, 2012

Speaking of sharing info in text during conferences, trainings, etc....

Here's a tool I just came across. I can envision it as something very helpful in empowering an organization or individual who is leading or making a presentation (training, seminar, class, etc.) in a virtual world (or even in real life!).

What does QikPad do? It's a collaborative, GROUP note taking process harnessing the web. The group leader (sponsor) opens a qikPad session (free) and gives out the link (free) to all who are present. Then, any/all of those folks can log on and simulaneously co-create notes, comments, post links, etc. to the shared document.

DURING the presentation, a person can see what's being added.

At the end of the presentation/class etc. the entire summary (co-typed) can be edited and saved.

Here's the link:

PLEASE post a comment if you've used QikPad, if you've liked/disliked it, or if you know of other similar (preferably free!) products out there that can make audio-only information accessible via text. Thanks!

From their website: What is QikPad? QikPad is a free online collaboration tool. Multiple users can instantly see text updates, character by character. Work together on documents, projects or code in real-time. One-click pad creation with no sign-up required.

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