Friday, March 23, 2012

Easy Text Presenting in Second Life!


Make Presenting in Text EASY! (in Second Life, but likely in other Virtual Worlds too!)

>> Use SpeakEasy HUD (or some other one similar to it)- let’s you prepare your presentation text in advance and easily feed it into the Chat Stream, freeing you to learn and interact rather than type madly to try to get it all in. Also limits typos and typonese, since you can proof your work ahead of time. Let's you re-use your presentations easily. Makes for a very professional image!
>> You can post your slides plus your prepared presentation into SlideShare or other sites for sharing.

>> Great for coordinating a multi-participant session and for speaking engagements with tight schedules.
>> Allows you to both stage the session in advance and to answer questions during the session, offering a thoughtful and interactive session.
>> For interactive sessions with a lively back channel, attendees can chat and differentiate between the lively discussion and the speaker's information due to the colored text from the SpeakEasy object.
>>  Fosters a collaboration of content among a variety of speakers.

Content Archives and Reuse
>> The Minutes from the session can be archived within the SpeakEasy, making it a container for a variety of talks. Rez the SpeakEasy to rename it as a volume of content.
>> Share the SpeakEasy with the audience by giving a copy, and recommend that they write and share their talks. It is a nice accompaniment to a souvenir viewer of the visual slides and content.

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