Monday, May 5, 2014

Web Design and the ADA

Here's a true story. For a work project, several months ago, I needed to hire a web design professional. The job required the development of an ADA/508 accessible website.

I posted the job on all the usual "I want to hire a web designer" freelance and job posting sites and got nearly 100 responses within just a few hours.

Of all of those... only THREE had ANY CLUE how to design a website following ADA/508 design standards!


This is not rocket science. And, there are great "how to" resources out there.

Now, I will admit, a large number of the people who responded to my request said "I have no experience or knowledge of that, but I am willing to learn..." But, gosh, if you're a professional design person, why wouldn't you already know this stuff? let's say you're one of those "willing to learn." Please do... next time I want to spend $5,000 to get a basic but ADA/508 compliant website up, I really DO want to hire you. Just be ready, ok? has some good starting information.

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