Thursday, May 2, 2013

Can you spend your money online?

Sometimes, not if you have a disability!

The following is from an article posted by the Northeast ADA Center News Bulletin: Apr 18, 2013

Online Shopping and People with Disabilities

As the internet becomes an increasingly important part of everyday life, more and more individuals are doing their shopping online. However, some individuals with disabilities still do not have full access to the Internet because some online retail sites are still inaccessible to them. Disability advocacy groups such as the National Federation for the Blind are increasing their efforts to target online retailers and websites, in an effort to make their websites more accessible. Recent legal victories have also reinforced the idea that websites are places of public accommodation under the ADA. The following links provide more information on recent developments regarding website accessibility.

People with Disabilities Sue Over Web Shopping

Are shopping websites covered by disability law? The answer could be 'yes' in new DOJ regulations

DOJ May Apply ADA Accessibility Guidelines to Websites

Web Accessibility Still an Anomaly

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