Thursday, September 6, 2012

Web captioning- Sept 30 Deadline?

Today, I received a note from an organization called CPC: Computer Prompting and Captioning, Co, out of Rockville, Maryland. I noticed this important announcement and am copying/pasting it here for all of you since it pertains specifically to the provision of captioned materials on the web. Here is the direct link to the entire newsletter as posted on CPC's website:, since the other headline articles ("How to Repurpose Broadcast Captions for the Web Automatically," and "The Top Five Closed Captioning Concerns Answered" also are certainly pertinent! Enjoy!

Web Captioning Deadline - Sept. 30 The FCC deadline for web captioning of broadcast TV content is September 30! Are you prepared to meet the new regulations? Read our white paper to learn more about the new regulations and best practices to meet them.

The "white paper" is quite interesting and helpful. 

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