Saturday, July 7, 2012

AUGH! They REFUSED! Now what??

You've become knowledgeable about your rights.
You've informed the business or other entity about the laws, providing free information and referrals to an ADA Technical Assistance Center (DBTAC National Network of ADA Centers).
You've followed up by email and documented the dialogue.

Now what?

You have three choices:
1. Give up and go elsewhere (and bring your money elsewhere, and tell your friends about your experiences with the company that discriminates against you....)

2. Contact an attorney with experience in ADA cases. Consider starting by contacting your local Independent Living Center ( ) and asking for advice.

3. Filing a complaint with the appropriate federal division. For Title III (public accommodations/ businesses/ nonprofits/ goods and services available to the general public) you would connect with the US Department of Justice. Here's an excellent resource entitled "Frequently Asked Questions about Filing and ADA Complaint."

NOTE: Come back and check NEXT WEEKs blog entry. I'll share a real life success story...

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