Thursday, April 19, 2012

Accessible Online Media- an example!

I found this  tutorial at and thought, WOW, it's accessible!
(also has good content, but I only KNOW that because... ha... it has:
a) transcripts available
b) captioning
Of course, for hearies, it has audio and video, too. )

Course link:  
The courses in the list that are highlighted are free. Notice the tabs for CAPTIONS (bottom of each viewing screen) and also on the list of courses, for transcripts.

What are some other sites you know of where presentations are being provided that people with disabilities (or someone who prefers a specific means of accessing information) can use them? Please comment to share.

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  1. I wrote a note to to compliment them on ease of use and they noted that they have been captioning all trainings since 2008 and making transcripts available soon after.

    I suspect that combination helps a LOT of their customers. Our organization is considering a subscription, even. Good marketing!!