Thursday, April 5, 2012

Accessibility....that's not accessible?

I won't rant. Just because people put lots of effort and expertise into excellent presentations on accessibility... and then forget to make them accessible... that doesn't mean that people who don't happen to need access via captioning or transcription won't enjoy learning this important content.

(I am going to email them and see if I can discover how it might be accessible, or at least dialogue about the irony here. But, I promise! I won't rant!!!)[SEE MY UPDATE IN COMMENTS because they got back to me with responses. Yay!]

The content is probably great, too, in this Oregon State University on-line training entitled "Making IT Communications Accessible". It was presented about a year ago, April 27, 2011, and was presented as part of ExTension.Learn's efforts. Here's the link from their archives:

Here's the blurb: A broad conversation on types of disabilities with particular focus on how we ensure the accessibility of our communications through our websites, online documents, and multimedia. We’ll also focus on the positive impact that accessible communication practices provide for everyone, including our marketing efforts. The presenter is Gabriel Merrell, Program Manager for Virtual and Built Environments Access at Oregon State University. His program serves both OSU's Disability Access Services and the Office of Affirmative Action & Equal Opportunity.
This session is co-sponsored with ACE Diversity SIG

Does anyone know of comparable (and, hopefully, fully accessible??) trainings offered online? Please post in COMMENTS.

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  1. ExTension got back to me after I submitted a question via their online "Ask an Expert". Here's what they said:

    Recordings are not routinely closed captioned or sent out to be captioned. This is a service that you can request of eXtension. Adobe Connect does not have closed captioning or built in accessibility. We can contract out with a separate entity when closed captioning is requested.

    -Jeanne Wiebke

    Then, I followed up asking to whom one needs to submit a request for an ADA accommodation. I did not yet receive a response to that.

    BUT, I also asked specifically for the transcript for the presentation mentioned above and I got this note back:

    Thank you for the email. We at work to provide you a script of the program.

    -Dan Cotton, eXtension